Moonlight Shifter

Finding your soulmate is every wolf shifter’s dream—except mine.

The first moment we touched, our souls connected, marking our bond upon my skin for all to see. But I’m already in love. So when destiny revealed my mate, I did the only thing I could. I ran from him.

Fate and soulmates can get the hell out of my way—and if I end up a lone wolf? So be it. This life is mine, and I will stay true to myself.

But no matter how strong I am, a lone wolf is vulnerable. When I’m captured, the only one who can come for me, is the mate I’d rejected. 

His Gold Pack Omega

A shattered omega socialite, rejected by society.

After what I went through, becoming an outcast was the only way to survive. But now none of the laws protecting omegas apply to me.

I hired him to be my bodyguard.  He's all raw strength, gorgeous and protective.

I feel drawn to him, and the heat in his gaze makes me feel alive again. 

For the first time in years, I feel safe. But how can I let him in without letting him see the broken thing I've become?

Moonlight Reborn

Rejected. Forgotten—Until his skin touched mine.

I was the weakest daughter of the pack’s alpha, no one believed I’d be a wolf. So when war demanded an exchange, my own family chose me to live among my enemies.

I was promised they would treat me like their own daughter. But I knew what I really was—a hostage.

For years, I was the pack outcast.

That all changed with one touch.  

Electricity sparked and ancient power burned white hot across my forearm, marking me.

A mark for all to see. Every shifter, man, woman and child knew what that meant.

The heir to their alpha, enemy to my bloodline, was my soulmate.

Moonlight Bark 

Bonus Content from Moonlight Reborn!

Want to read more of the happily ever after?
Check out Moonlight Bark!

Leo had managed to wrap us completely around his pudgy little fingers. Dark tufts of hair stuck up every which way, soft as a cloud. Over time his eyes brightened to the same blue as his father’s. In fact, the older he got, as his features became more distinct, the more he looked just like a copy of his father in miniature. With a mischievous streak, that he certainly hadn’t inherited from me. 

Moonlight Trail 

I wished to be a wolf, and what I got was a mate who didn’t want me. He was the most dominant single alpha in the pack, and who was I? I was nothing but a human. A shifter who’d failed to shift. There’s just two weeks until the next full moon. Time enough to unlock my inner wolf and be the mate my alpha would kill to claim. Before I change my mind and reject him forever.

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